What makes a bad headshot?

What makes a bad headshot?


what makes a bad headshot for women

What makes a bad headshot for women?


What makes a bad headshot? Also known as 6 headshot mistakes and how to avoid them. Here is a quick list:

  1. Poor lighting
  2. Inappropriate Attire
  3. Lack of Preparation
  4. Poor Quality Image
  5. Distracting Background
  6. Over-editing

Keep reading to learn more about each factor that makes a bad headshot and, obviously, how to avoid them in your headshot.

Your professional headshot is often the first impression you make on potential employers, clients, and collaborators. It’s essential to ensure that it accurately represents you and your brand. Unfortunately, many people make common mistakes when taking their professional headshots. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the five biggest mistakes to avoid when taking your professional headshot.

In today’s digital era, where the first impression is often made online, having a professional headshot is crucial. However, it’s not just about snapping a quick photo and calling it a day. Several common mistakes can detract from the impact of your headshot and ultimately harm your personal brand.

Poor lighting is one of the most significant mistakes people make, leading to a bad headshot. Lighting is essential in creating a flattering and professional image. Avoid being photographed using harsh overhead lighting or strong shadows, and opt for soft, natural lighting instead. This is often the case when you try doing your own headshot or you are just photographed against the office wall with overhead lights. A professional photographer can help you achieve optimal lighting for your headshot.

Another common mistake is wearing inappropriate clothing that sends the wrong message to potential clients or employers. It’s best to wear something classic and professional, such as a suit or a blouse, to create a professional image. At the same time, wearing clothing that is too big for you will make your body look larger than it is and unflattering. Sticking to solid colors and muted tones is another excellent way to improve your professional headshot.

Lack of preparation is another big mistake that leads to an unprofessional headshot. Before taking your photo, take some time to practice your poses and facial expressions. Your photographer will also coach you regarding the best expression for your new headshot. Based on the goal of the headshot, you may want to smile bigger and be more reserved or serious. Think about what you want to convey in your photo and ensure that your hair and makeup are professionally done and appropriate for your industry. A good night’s sleep and drinking plenty of water to improve the look of your skin will also help.

A poor-quality image can also harm your personal brand. A low-quality or grainy image can make you appear unprofessional and unprepared to potential clients or employers. It’s always best to have a professional photographer take your headshot to ensure the image is high quality and resolution.

When an image’s main spotlight and focus point is your face, having a distracting background is another mistake you can make while getting a professional headshot. Depending on your industry, company’s vision, or culture, a solid-colored, muted-tone backdrop is preferable. Out-of-focus, blurry backgrounds are also acceptable if they are not distracting with visible elements or aggressive colors. Having a headshot background that takes the attention away from you is another example of what makes a bad headshot.

Finally, over-editing your headshot can create an unnatural appearance that detracts from your professional image. Avoid using too many filters or making excessive edits to your photo. It’s best to keep your headshot clean and simple. Professional headshot retouching will remove skin imperfections and flyaway hair, fix wrinkles, and anything else that should not be in your headshot. Using social media apps to edit your headshot is the simplest way to turn a good headshot into a bad headshot.

You have just read what makes a bad headshot and how to avoid those 6 mistakes. In conclusion, taking a professional headshot is an investment in your personal brand. Avoid these common mistakes when taking your headshot to ensure it accurately represents you and your brand. With the proper preparation and attention to detail, your headshot can make a lasting impact on potential clients, employers, and collaborators.

If you are looking to update your headshot in the Chicago, Illinois, area, feel free to visit the GP LOOKS Schaumburg or GP LOOKS Naperville websites and learn all about how to look like a celebrity in your new images.

what makes a bad headshot for women

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