Why should you update your headshot today?

Why should you update your headshot today?

What are the main reasons behind updating your professional headshot regularly?



We all heard that before, image says a thousand words. But did you know that now people are overwhelmed with the number of images they see every day? Think social media, news portals, television. We see images taken with smartphones everywhere! Is your LinkedIn profile photo done with your iPhone?


Update headshot you are using and don’t wait!


update headshot, Why should you update your headshot today?



With that in mind, would you rather have a professional headshot or a selfie as your profile photo or bio image on your website? Knowing the person behind the business is critical to maintain long lasting relationships with your current and future clients. Here are main reasons to update headshot you are using today:


Your image is outdated.

OK, maybe you have done a professional headshot a couple years ago but it was done just like your high school photo from the 1995. Having a modern business headshot that ensures people your business is thriving in twentieth-first century is the key.


Your appearance have changed.

We all change with age, that’s a fact, don’t deny it. It may be true that you love your current headshot taken fifteen years ago. But is anyone who have seen that photo going to recognize you when they meet you? Updated headshot builds confidence for you and your clients.


All your professional friends have updated headshots.

Keeping up with the Joneses isn’t your style? That is great, unfortunately this is not the time. If your friends are thriving and moving forward with their careers you simply can not afford to stay behind. Update your headshot and it will pay back to you. Guaranteed.


Connection with people.

At the end of the day people want to connect with other people not businesses. Faces behind businesses and brands create trust and build connections. That leads to more business. Probably 8 out of 10 visitors to your website will check your ‘about me’ section. That’s especially true when you are someone dealing directly with your clients like realtor, accountant, advisor, insurance agent, financial planner, etc.


Reinforce your commitment to quality and professionalism.

Most people want to do business with professionals. When they don’t know you they will judge you by your look. Make sure they find you as the one they want to do business with. When people see high quality, professional headshot of you you will be on your best road to sucsess.


You would like to be treated like a professional? Then act like one.


Ditch that selfie from last vacation or cropped image from last year Christmas party and update headshot you are using with modern business headshot instead. That investment is well worth it.


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    update headshot, Why should you update your headshot today?

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    update headshot, Why should you update your headshot today?

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