Should you smile in professional business headshots?

Business headshots

Should you smile in it or not?

business headshots schaumburg

business headshots schaumburg

You may wonder, should you smile in your business headshots? While this may be a highly personal or culturally influenced subject, let’s dive in and consider what will be a better option.

As a seasoned business headshots photographer, I have had thousands of people in front of my lens over many years of my career. I don’t want to get too technical about it, but it is safe to say that 95 percent of my clients
choose to smile in their business headshots. The natural, open smile is what brings attention to your image. You just need to make sure that the smile you are showing to the world is not forced or fake. Yup, we have all been told to say ‘cheese’ for the school picture, haven’t we?

The famous ‘say cheese’ or how I have recently heard ‘say cheeseburger’ may work for elementary school pictures. They have no place in a world of professional business headshots. It is up to the photographer to make sure they are able to bring out your true personality and let you shine through your images. This is the most important aspect of finding the right headshot photographer. Check out their work and ensure the vibe you get from their pictures speaks to you.

I agree that there is a place and time for not smiling in your business headshots, too. You may have unique needs, professions, or preferences that make not smiling in your headshots a better choice.

My experience and preference is a natural smile. Yours might be different; that’s why when we work together, we try a variety of expressions and see what works best. As I stated before, most of my clients opt for a smile in their business headshots.

That’s all from me, but I have asked some quite clever ai to answer that question, too. Read below to see what it thinks:

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. And when it comes to professional headshots, that picture can make or break your first impression. That’s why it’s important to put your best face forward – including wearing a smile.

Here are a few reasons why you should smile in your business headshots:

1. Smiling conveys confidence and approachability. You instantly become more attractive and likable to others when you flash a genuine smile. It shows that you’re friendly, open, and easy to work with, which can be a huge asset in any professional setting.

2. Smiling boosts your mood and reduces stress. Smiling has been shown to release endorphins, which are natural feel-good chemicals that improve your mood and reduce stress. So not only will you look better in your headshot, you’ll feel better too.

3. Smiling makes you look younger and more vibrant. A smile can take years off your appearance, making you look more youthful and energetic. This can be especially important if you’re trying to appeal to a younger demographic or if you’re in a field where youthfulness is valued, such as entertainment or fashion.

4. Smiling sets you apart from the competition. A lot of people take their professional headshots very seriously, which often translates into a serious, stoic expression. By smiling in your headshot, you can differentiate yourself and show that you’re not afraid to have a little fun and be yourself.

5. Smiling can be contagious. When you smile, it’s hard for others not to smile back. This can create a positive, uplifting atmosphere that can make any professional situation more enjoyable and productive.

So if you’re getting ready to take your professional headshot, be sure to practice your smile in the mirror beforehand. And when it’s time to step in front of the camera, let that smile shine. You never know – it just might be the thing that sets you apart from the competition and lands you your dream job.


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business headshots naperville

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