What makes a perfect LinkedIn headshot?

What makes a perfect LinkedIn headshot?



What are you using as your LinkedIn headshot? Is it the photo that best represents you as a professional business person? Does it match your brand? If someone sees your LinkedIn profile photo, will they immediately want to do business with you? Are they going to trust you as a competent pro? Or is it a crop from the picture someone took at your last years Christmas party with their iPhone? You get the point…



linkedin headshot, What makes a perfect LinkedIn headshot?



If you want to be seen as a professional, act like one.

Your LinkedIn headshot is an essential part.



The most important aspect of great headshot is its ability to grab and hold the attention of anyone looking at it. When your LinkedIn headshot grabs the right attention it is much easier to convey your message. Hold on… what message? Your headshot is often the very first visual interpretation of you in the eyes of your client, business partner or recruiter and it’s crucial to make a great first impression. Your headshot should compliment your personal brand and send the correct message about the professional you. You can imagine that a trial attorney specializing in medical malpractice may need to convey different message than a local plumber. Your headshot sends a powerful message to the world, make sure it is the right one.

So how do you go about getting just the right headshot for your needs? Apart from some technical, nerdy stuff related to professional photography the most essential part is to have a clear communication with your photographer. Professional photographer specializing in headshots will be able to coach you during the session to ensure the best results possible. Explore your options related to backdrops to match your brand and make sure you can use that photo across other media including your business cards, website, etc. Consult your photographer regarding wardrobe and styling so your image looks polished and professional.


Your professional LinkedIn headshot works for you 24/7. Capitalize on it.


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    linkedin headshot, What makes a perfect LinkedIn headshot?

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    linkedin headshot, What makes a perfect LinkedIn headshot?

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