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Your success is my only priority.

I limit my bookings to a maximum of two sessions per day. I don't do 30 minute sessions, 60 minute sessions, etc etc. The reason for that is so you have all the time we need for your session and we can all relax without watching the clock all the time. I’m not going to keep you there any longer than you need to be (I know you’re busy professional), but we also don’t need to rush your headshot session because somebody else might be scheduled right after you. You get all the attention you deserve and need in order to get headshots which fit your needs. As important as the lighting, posing, composition of the shot is, I'm experienced enough that we can get all of those things right in a few minutes. The part of the shot that takes time, and is the most important ingredient, is the expression. It's much more important to me to produce quality work that I can be proud of, and that you get value from than to get as many clients through the door as possible.  

Quality over quantity, every time. 

The last thing I want is you leaving your headshot session with a headshot that isn't what you wanted because we've only got a few minutes left and we're not where we need to be yet. It takes a little time to get the right expressions, and that's because getting your headshot taken can make you feel uncomfortable. That's understandable and completely normal.  The expression we are aiming for is a mix of confidence and approachability. We might get there quickly, which is great, or it might take a while, which is fine too because we're not clock watching. So either way, we've still got plenty of time to do all of those outfit changes etc. we want to do (there's no limit on outfit changes/looks).

I am there to coach you throughout the session on everything you need to know as far as expression, angles, positioning, hair, all of the stuff which you don't need to worry about. The aim of the session is to get some great shots, and I'll spend as little or as long as is needed in order to get them. I love shooting headshots, so I'm in no rush to finish our shoot.  As well as confidence and approachability, in your headshot, you need to look relaxed, competent, like you're in control of the situation. If you don't look like that, then your headshot could be doing you more harm than good. It's all about the subconscious, and the first impression people subconsciously feel when they see our headshot.  We get this perfect mix of confidence and approachability by having some fun with it.

Once or twice throughout the session, we'll stop and look at some images we've taken, so you can see what shots we're getting, and if there's anything you want to change, we can do it on the spot. It's a fun, relaxed atmosphere that allows us to capture the expressions you need in your headshots.

At the end of the session, we'll sit down, grab a coffee (or tea), and review all of the images we shot. From there, you'll pick your favorite shots to be professionally edited and retouched. Your final images are chosen individually at the end of the session. This puts you in complete control of the final cost depending on how many images you require ($50 per image inc. professional retouching). I'll give as much or as little input as you like on what the best shots are, as a headshot specialist I assist you with my professional opinion and expertise in micro expressions to help you make your selection. I don't want you to pay for more than you need, and every person has different needs, not packaging images together makes sure you're not over committing or under committing in terms of how many images you require from the session. You can simply decide on the day.

In addition to the high-resolution JPEGs, I'll also make sure you receive the same shots that are custom size and crops for social media platforms like LinkedIn. That'll save you the trouble of re-sizing and cropping the shots after you receive them.

I honestly don't believe you'll find a better headshot photographer in the area. I'm fully committed to making sure your headshot is the very highest quality and is working for you and representing you in the way you need it to while making you look your best. A huge amount of my business is based on referrals. My aim is for you to leave the shoot and tell your friends all about your new headshots and what a great experience it was.

We don't accept anybody providing us with a subpar service in any other aspect of our career, I don't want you to accept it in your headshots.

Best, Jacob

PER IMAGE $50 Session Fee styling preparation guide

in-studio wardrobe consultation

multiple outfits/backdrops

expression coaching

final selection with jacob's advice

high-end retouching

5 star boutique experience
(backed by over 50 glowing reviews)

3 business days delivery
$300 The

Jacob Ginda

owner | photographer

Headshot Photographer

As a headshot photographer and owner of GP LOOKS, Schaumburg based corporate headshot studio, my goal is to empower YOU through my professional photography, so you can be SUCCESSFUL and for us to have some fun while doing it.

Studio address: GP LOOKS 600 W 5th Ave Suite B, Naperville, IL 60563