Homemade Vs Professional Headshots

Homemade Vs Professional Headshots.


There are so many people in need of the business headshot for their website or social media. Some of them know exactly they need a professional headshots but there are some of us who just love doing everything themselves (hello ‘selfie’ people:) So is it worth it doing your ‘professional headshots’ at home?

The answer is no. You might get a decent looking headshot at home, assuming you have a good camera or you are expert using your smartphone camera and have good eye for lighting and composition. Then comes online research for posing, clothing ideas and so on. You can later apply some filters to the photo to smooth the skin, brighten your eyes, etc. Is the result going to be your best look? Try it and see for yourself. Good luck.

Now, consider the time that will go into research, setting everything up and countless retakes of your homemade headshot. Is that time worth it in the end? Why not spend that time with your family and friends, or working on your business?


You deserve the best professional headshots.

Let’s make sure you look your best.


Professional headshots by GP Looks are the right way to do it. We have the equipment, experience and skills to create headshot you will be proud of. We are ready to create perfect portrait for your website, social media, LinkedIn and marketing materials. Do you need to match certain requirements for magazine publications? We have you covered! Want to stand out from the sea of similar headshots? We are here to make it happen.

Professional headshots done in our studio ensure you will have a polished, competent looking portrait. There is only one chance to make a striking first impression. Would you prefer your customers to see a homemade selfie or modern business headshot as your profile picture? It’s your call.


professional headshots, Homemade Vs Professional Headshots

    We thank you for coming. Now, let’s chat about your new look.

    professional headshots, Homemade Vs Professional Headshots

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    As a headshot photographer and owner of GP LOOKS, Schaumburg based corporate headshot studio, my goal is to empower YOU through my professional photography, so you can be SUCCESSFUL.

    professional headshots, Homemade Vs Professional Headshots

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