Is your headshot matching your brand?

Is your headshot matching your brand?


Wait, what? What does it mean? How does one match the other? Your headshot is an integrated part of your brand, what is more it could be a defining part of your brand! You have build a great website, hired an marketing expert but still using your selfie from last year’s Christmas party as your headshot? That is a big red flag for all your customers. According to studies: ‘82% of consumers trust a company more — and 77 % are more likely to buy from a company — if the founder uses social media. Whether for a social profile or your company’s website, the quality and style of your headshot conveys a lot about you as a person and signals how you conduct business. An outdoor shot in casual attire conveys a very different sense than a portrait in a business suit against a solid color backdrop. The type of photo that’s right for your business is a branding decision, but regardless of the business you are in, a blurry or poorly cropped picture conveys a sense a sloppiness and a lack of attention to detail that carries over to your organization’s reputation.’


matching your brand, Is your headshot matching your brand?


Putting a cheap looking personal brand out in front of your clients is like wearing a sweatpants to a job interview.


It can be hard to carve out the time and money needed to take a quality headshot, but it should be on every founder’s top “to-do” list. Creating the headshot which will compliment your brand and put you at the top of your profession doesn’t have to be expensive and time consuming. What is more, you can not afford not to have a professional headshot matching your brand. If you are working with a team you should also consider getting team headshots for all of your employees. It creates a uniform message across your media and put your customers at ease. They want to know if the are doing business with people who care.


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    matching your brand, Is your headshot matching your brand?

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    matching your brand, Is your headshot matching your brand?

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