What is a quality headshot?

What is a quality headshot? So, you are wondering what is a quality headshot? Well, let me tell you! A high-quality headshot is more than a simple photo. It’s a carefully crafted image that captures an individual’s unique personality and creates a lasting impression. Whether it’s for professional networking or personal branding, a great headshot...

10 best uses for a business headshot

10 best uses for a business headshot When you need a new headshot, think beyond your social media profile. In this post, you will find the ten best uses for your business headshot. Here is a short overview of where you can use your new business headshot: Company website bio LinkedIn profile Social media Business...

What should a professional corporate headshot look like?

What should a professional corporate headshot look like?   The answer to that question is simple: You should present yourself as a confident and approachable individual, conveying charisma and trust within a split second. Hold on; the answer was supposed to be simple, but this does not sound simple at all! Let me explain why...

How long do headshots last?

How long do headshots last? And what are the five signs it is time to update your headshots? Hey there, are you curious how long headshots last? Maybe you are an actor, actress, model, business professional, realtor, or doctor. And your question is, how long can I use the same headshots? Based on my professional...

Should you smile in professional business headshots?

Business headshots Should you smile in it or not? You may wonder, should you smile in your business headshots? While this may be a highly personal or culturally influenced subject, let’s dive in and consider what will be a better option. As a seasoned business headshots photographer, I have had thousands of people in front...

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