5 Best Ways To Use Your Professional Headshot

What are the 5 best ways to use your professional headshot online and in print?



There are many options among best ways to use your headshot out there. More than you may think and limiting yourself by using your professional headshot only on your business card or LinkedIn is not a very smart move. Use your headshot in as many places as possible to make sure your clients, co-workers and contacts will be able to recognize you next time you meet in person. It is also your key to a great first impression as many will use it as initial visualization of your brand. Your headshot is spreading your message for you all the time. Capitalize on it.



best ways to use, 5 Best Ways To Use Your Professional Headshot



So let’s make sure your professional headshot can be seen in those 5 best ways to use it:



Business Card. It seems obvious but there are so many active business professionals among us who miss the opportunity to have their headshot on their business cards. Whenever you meet someone, chat, and network there is a huge chance you will also connect on a more personal level. Talk about life, your kids or pets. You may then exchange business cards to stay in touch. There is also a possibility that this person already has a pocket full of business cards from other people, how much having your headshot on your business cards would help with making sure they will remember to follow up with you? Quite often your business card might be passed along to someone else who is looking for service you provide. Having your professional headshot there could make or break the first impression and influence someone’s decision regarding contacting you.


Email signature. Any time you exchange emails with clients or co-workers you want to make sure there is a real person behind the words. At the end of the day, people prefer to make business with other people rather than companies so using your professional headshot within your email signature is a great way to introduce yourself to them. Including headshot, in custom html email signature is also a great way to integrate your branding with your message. You may also randomly run into someone you have been in contact with through email and they will be able to recognize you, isn’t that helpful?


LinkedIn. This professional platform is full of active business professionals and corporate people. Having your great professional headshot as a profile picture there is essential if your goal is to network with other professionals. Professionals expect to meet and do business there with other professionals. Having a strong profile picture is one of the key elements to your professional appearance across the web.


Facebook/Instagram/Tweeter. Those social media platforms are definitely less strict about ‘professional dress code’ but can you really forget all about your appearance there and use half of the picture you took with your friend at the last years’ ball game? Did you know that according to studies about 60% of recruiters do ‘social media research’ before they hire? If you are looking to be seen as a professional act like one and make sure your social media is tailored to match your online presence. Your headshot used for social media profile picture could be different from the one used in a more professional environment but it still needs to maintain high quality and sense of your overall branding.


Website. Last but not least. Probably one of the most important places to use your professional headshot is your website. It is the most crucial to have a stellar headshot on your website as studies show that people trust the brand where owners/managers/executives have professional headshots on their website 3x more than where no images are present. As a part of your marketing strategy, a website is the most important media to engage customers for most brands. As mentioned before, people want to do business with people, not corporations. Make sure they can easily find people behind the brand on your website and see your business grow.


5 best ways to use your professional headshot above are only a tip of an iceberg when it comes to using of headshots, but those are the most universal for most of the business people. Other uses may include newsletters, magazine articles, awards and recognitions, book covers, brochures and printed marketing materials, banners, billboards and many more.


Make sure you are utilizing the full potential of your headshot.

Just Use It.



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    best ways to use, 5 Best Ways To Use Your Professional Headshot

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    best ways to use, 5 Best Ways To Use Your Professional Headshot

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