10 best uses for a business headshot

10 best uses for a business headshot

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When you need a new headshot, think beyond your social media profile. In this post, you will find the ten best uses for your business headshot.

Here is a short overview of where you can use your new business headshot:

  1. Company website bio
  2. LinkedIn profile
  3. Social media
  4. Business cards
  5. Book covers
  6. Speaker announcements
  7. Marketing materials
  8. Job applications
  9. Billboards
  10. iPhone contact profile

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Let’s dive into each category and learn more about them.

  1. Company website bio. This is the most obvious use of a business headshot. If you run your own business or are part of a company’s leadership or management, your headshot and a bio highlighting your expertise and experience are perfect additions to the ‘about us’ web page.
  2. LinkedIn profile photo. Using a great business headshot as your LinkedIn profile photo strengthens the professionalism of your personal brand and helps get new connections and business partners. When you look for a new job on this social media platform, it allows potential employers to realize your commitment and professionalism.
  3. Social media. Many self-employed professionals rely on social media for their daily business operations. From real estate agents to other service providers, having a business headshot as your profile photo shows you care about your presence, indirectly conveying more trust to your potential clients.
  4. Business cards. While business cards may not be as popular as they used to be, having a business headshot on there will help your newly met connections put a ‘face to the name’ and solidify the relationship.
  5. Book covers. It is common practice for authors to have their headshots on the covers of books. Your bio will only be complete with a picture to accompany it! In this case, opting for a slightly different portrait may also be a great addition to your business headshot session.
  6. Speaker announcements. When you speak at a trade show, business conference, company meeting, or local networking event, attaching a business headshot to the schedule puts your audience at ease. When they see that your headshot shows competence and approachability, they will be more inclined to listen to your presentation. Who wants to listen to a faceless avatar, after all?
  7. Marketing materials. When you are in a business where meeting people face to face is a norm, having a headshot attached to all of your marketing materials helps solidify the connection and allows you to stay in your clients’ minds longer. Think all mail-in cards from real estate agents.
  8. Job applications. While this is unnecessary, and no company should make their hiring decisions based on how you look, having a business headshot attahced to your job application may impact how your application is perceived. Showing your headshot in the application may be viewed as committed and professional.
  9. Billboards. This is the fun one! Especially popular with lawyers everywhere. Put your face on the billboard and see those inquiries start coming in!
  10. 10. iPhone profile photo. This is something new; you may think of it as a new-age business card. We all get text information from various places: our contacts, appointment confirmations, and whatnot. Text is a very powerful form of communication and marketing. Having an iPhone profile photo that’s professional and interesting may be a great conversation starter. And who knows where that may lead you!

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Hoping you enjoyed reading about the ten best uses for your new business headshot. This list is by any means not complete and closed. As business professionals, we all have unique needs and ways to use our business headshots.

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