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Welcome to GP Looks, your Chicago and Schaumburg corporate headshots photography studio. Whether you want to make a great first impression on your website, LinkedIn, social media, your business card, or wherever, let’s make sure you look your best! We specialize in modern professional business headshots for Chicago business people. Working with the highly-trained and experienced headshot photographer in a relaxed studio setting can be a very enjoyable experience and we hope it will be. Your new business headshot will make a fantastic first impression, so important for future clients browsing through your website. Your online presence requires a polished, modern corporate headshot to portray you as a competent, approachable professional you are. We will work with you to create an image that will match your current online presence or do a complete makeover to bring it to the next level. Visit our portfolio and check out our five-star reviews from past clients. We work with individuals as well as whole teams. Now, let’s connect and chat about your new professional business headshot.

What's in it for you?

Your corporate headshot is a tool working for you. Are you using its full potential?

Get Liked

No one wants to do business with someone they don't like. That decision is often based on how you present yourself to others. Do you want people to like you?

Get Noticed

Your professional headshot will get you noticed and allow you to stand out in the sea of selfies. Do you want people to notice you?

Get trusted

People will decide if they will trust you in a split second after meeting you or seeing your headshot. Do you want people to trust you?

The Raves

What our clients had to say about their corporate headshot photographer.

Eva, Business Owner 'While initially terrified because I absolutely detest getting any and all pictures taken, Jacob made the session fun, comfortable and well worth it!'
Andrew, Bio-Engineer 'Jacob's professionalism coupled with his warmth and ability to put his clients at ease make him an excellent partner for business professionals looking to get both quality work and great experience.'
Silvia, Insurance Broker 'I totally recommend Jacob. He gave me great tips and did an excellent job. A huge plus is that I had my pictures on the next day. AWESOME!!! Thank you Jacob!'

our work

Professional Headshots.

What we can do for you!

Individual headshot photography sessions and team branding. 

Business Headshots

At our headshot studio in Schaumburg, we will work together to create your perfect headshot. Individual sessions allow us to create an image you will be proud to use all over. You don't need to be photogenic; you don't need to be super confident. With proven coaching methods and a relaxed atmosphere, you will leave our studio with the great headshot. Using your 10-year-old headshot may seem like a good idea, after all, we all want to look younger, right? Absolutely NOT! Your headshot needs to represent you just the way your clients will see you at a business meeting. Using a crop from your wedding photo is also not professional. Our multiple looks sessions allow you to find the best fit for your corporate headshot photography needs. Hoping to see you soon.

On-location headshots

We bring our mobile studio to your office and create staff headshots on-location. Headshots for your team are so much more than just badge ID photos. Your team branding is as important as the business branding you have been working on for so long. Creating headshots for your team, so each person can get the perfect image that shows their personality, uniqueness, confidence, and approachability, is our passion and specialty. Our studio is located in Schaumburg, IL and we will be happy to reserve as much time at our studio as needed to create your team headshots there, if that option suits you better. We have worked with many small local businesses as well as large corporations to help them elevate their team branding with modern business and corporate headshots.

Actor Headshots near Chicago?

Our specialty is corporate headshots, but we will be happy to help you follow your dream with professional acting headshots in Chicago.

The Road to success

The process to get your best look, showing confidence and approachability.


It all starts with the posing. I will help you position your body in the most flattering way. Then comes the hard part. We will work on your expression to make sure your new headshot sends the right message. We will find the ratio of confidence and approachability which works best for you and your personal brand. We will work on all of the details and subtle movements to get your best look. Warning, your face, and neck might be sore after this.


We are all (most of us at least) very picky when it comes to choosing our favorite photo of ourselves. As an outsider, I will be able to help you judge the 'big picture' and vibe of your headshot. I will not concentrate on details most people focus on when they see the photo of themselves. That's how your headshot will be seen, by people who don't know you. Of course, during the session, I will be shooting tethered to a laptop and review the images with you often to ensure we are in the ballpark.


Retouching is very important to make sure your headshot is polished and presentable. I use advanced retouching techniques to make sure you look your best. Poor retouching can ruin even the best headshot, I make sure your skin retains texture but remove temporary skin blemishes. Was it your not-the-best-hair-day during our shoot? Flyaways can be fixed as well as host of other things. I got you covered.

You deserve a kickass professional profile picture

Corporate headshots Chicago

Your professional corporate headshots can make all the difference in attracting new clients and presenting yourself as the best in your field.

With online presence being a key, your corporate headshot is often the very first visual impression people will have of you. Compliment your brand and leave a lasting impression.

The professional world is very competitive and using a selfie as your headshot is not enough. It is vital that your business headshot reflects your energy, confidence, and approachability.

We will guide you through the process from concept to completion ensuring that we create the best headshot in Chicago for you.