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When you need a picture of yourself, why not getting one you will love? Zero hassle, only headshots that show your best in Schaumburg, IL.

Naturally! Your headshots should represent you on the best day ever. Possibly looking younger, thinner, and more attractive. 'I want headshots that show the best me'
A genuine expression is essential to natural-looking charismatic headshots. Being able to enjoy your photo session is the key. 'I need headshots that show my personality'
Looking the part as well as competent and confident is only going to strengthen your digital personal brand. It is all about the details and nuances. 'I would like to look
more professional'

Images you'll love. Simply.

Chicago headshot photographer

Chicago headshot photographer

Do you hate to have your picture taken? You are not alone. As a matter of fact, I am just like that. But, as an experienced Chicago headshot photographer, I know how to bring out the best in people I photograph. My goal is to make you look like you have always dreamed of in your headshots. Love the process, love the results - all while showing your best.

Jacob Ginda | headshot photographer

The experience designed around you

From booking your session to delivery
'Booking my session online was so easy and convenient. No emailing back and forth, no playing phone tag. I just found the day and time that worked for me, and I was done!'
'I truly enjoyed no time pressure and multiple outfit options during my session. The retouched digital images being ready to download in just a few days was also a nice surprise.'

The process that speaks for itself

Professional Headshots Chicago

you or your team?

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professional headshots Chicago

Business Headshots

At my headshot studio in Schaumburg, IL we will work together to create your business headshots. Individual sessions allow us to create images you will be proud to use all over. You don't need to be photogenic; you don't need to be super confident. With proven coaching methods and a relaxed atmosphere, you will leave my studio with great headshots. Using your 10-year-old headshot may seem like a good idea, after all, we all want to look younger, right? Absolutely NOT! Your headshots need to represent you just the way your clients will see you at a business meeting. Using a crop from your wedding photo is also not professional. My unlimited looks sessions allow you to find the best fit for your corporate headshot photography needs. Hoping to see you soon.

office headshots Chicago

Office headshots

I bring my mobile studio to you and create office headshots on-location. Staff headshots are so much more than just badge ID photos. Your team branding is as important as the business branding you have been working on for so long. Creating headshots for your team, so each person can get the perfect image that shows their personality, uniqueness, confidence, and approachability, is my passion and speciality. My studio is located in Schaumburg, IL and I will be happy to reserve as much time at our studio as needed to create your team headshots there if that option suits you better. I have worked with many small local businesses as well as large corporations to help them elevate their team branding with modern business and corporate headshots.

Frequently asked questions

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My studio is located in Schaumburg, IL Where is your studio located?
For sure, upon booking, I will email you all the info and tips you would need to get ready. i know nothing about headshots, will you help me prepare?
With my proven coaching methods, you will love your new headshots! I just don't like of myself, can you help me?
Absolutely, you can find my current availability by clicking the book online button. do you shoot on weekends and
We will shoot as much or as little as you would like, try different outfits and change backdrops. How long is the session? Can i bring a change of clothes?
I will offer you my expertise and experience, so you can purchase absolutely best images. how will I know which images to choose?

Professional Headshots near Chicago

It is time to get your professional headshots near Chicago! You are no longer anonymous, your profile picture is out there on the web. Whether you like it or not, people are searching for you online. Have you Googled your name recently? All of those search results add up and create your personal brand. What is it you want to show your clients? A lifeless headshot, blank space? Your business headshot is so much more than you think, it is a tool you should be using in your marketing. It is a tool you should be using to open the closed door. It is a tool that will start the conversation and convey trust. As an experienced headshot photographer near Chicago, I am confident we will get you the headshot you want to have. I will not be shooting your headshot because you need one for work. We will shoot to get you noticed. Hopefully next time we meet I will shoot all of the staff that works for you because it is your time to lead now.

professional headshots near Chicago

headshot photographer near Chicago

Meet the best headshot photographer near Chicago. Trained under the strict supervision of industry masters, experienced and trusted by many. Headshots are my only focus. My day job and my night job. My bread and butter and so on. The point is that you can trust me with your new headshot. I will not let you look anything less than your best in your headshot. You may be terrified to have your picture taken, I get it. I have been there and I see it in my client's eyes a lot. I am here to change that! We will get the best out of you! Proven coaching methods and lots of experience will result in a headshot that rocks!

Corporate headshots

Who needs corporate headshots? Quick answer, every working professional out there. Long answer? Your headshot is very often the very first visual impression your clients will have of you, so if you are working with people, you need a headshot. Do you do research before you buy something or make an important decision? Do you ever Google people before you decide you want to do business with them? Let's reverse the situation here, what will people find when they research YOU? In a split second, you need to make a first impression that will last, convey trust and confidence and add approachability to the mix. Let's make sure your headshots do that for you.

corporate headshots

Realtor Headshots

Realtor headshots in Chicago suburbs. My studio is conveniently located in Schaumburg IL and is easily accessible from all north, northwest and west suburbs of Chicago. When looking for realtor headshots near Chicago suburbs, consider how important is it for you to get the service you need close to home versus taking the trip to the city. There is a lot of great headshot photographers in Chicago, but why waste your time driving to the city (we all know how bad traffic could be and don't forget the parking situation) when you can get the best Chicago headshots in the suburbs!